Missionary Radio is being jammed in Veitnam

By January 22, 2004

Vietnam (MNN) — “They’re jamming our radio programs!” Far East Broadcasting Company is asking Christians around the world to pray that it stops so people can continue hearing the Gospel.

FEBC’s Melinda Cheng says the received a report from their International Broadcast Manager in the Philippines where they beam short-wave programming into Vietnam. Cheng says, “They report that we saw some apparently intentional interference or jamming for about 10-percent of our programs.” She adds, “And, most of the programs that they’re jamming are targeted at the minority languages in Vietnam and in Laos.”

The jamming appears to be intentional on two fronts. Cheng says, “We’ve tried to change frequencies and the people who are jamming our programs are evidently following us because they’re find our new frequencies and jamming those as well.”

FEBC thinks they know why their programs are being jammed. Cheng says, “In some respects it is because of the large response to our radio programs especially in the tribal languages. We also know the Vietnamese government is not comfortable with our programs and we’re pretty sure that the government is behind the jamming.”

Pray that the jamming will stop and that many will come to Christ as they’re able to listen.

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