Missionary shares Gospel with Sunday taxi drivers

By April 19, 2011

North Africa (MNN) — Millions of people ride in taxis every day, but how many do so with the intention of sharing the Gospel?

One Operation Mobilization missionary in North Africa has been spreading the Good News to taxi drivers.

The missionary takes a taxi to church each week, and for several months he had the same driver. As the men got to know each other, the missionary was able to tell his driver about all Jesus Christ had done for him, and to provide him with literature to help explain it.

The missionary started praying for the thousands of taxi drivers who have likely never heard the Truth before. The next time he called for his taxi to take him to church, a new driver was there. The missionary took this as God's cue to start sharing the Gospel with another driver.

Taxi drivers are in an ideal position to learn about the Word. Several times each day, they stop to rest, eat and drink tea. During that lonely downtime, drivers could be reading literature which believers such as the OM missionary hand it out.

The missionary has been able to give literature and Bibles to a few different taxi drivers. Pray that the Lord would continue to bring drivers to him who are willing to hear the Good News.

And next time you get in a taxi, think about how you could start a conversation about the Gospel.

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