“Missionettes” bring the Gospel to Honduras villages

By July 3, 2024

Honduras (MNN) — Honduras is now commonly known as a narco-state, one whose economy is dependent on the illegal drug trade.

The drug trade affects all levels of society; earlier this year, a United States jury found former Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez guilty of drug trafficking conspiracy.

Honduras is “a country of about 10 million people; 60 percent of the people live in poverty,” Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says.

“There’s a lot of violence; it’s a needy place.”

Honduras is also in deep need of the Gospel. “We’ve been active in Honduras for about 30 years working through a national coordinator and major distributors,” Williams says.

One recent outreach training equipped young women called “missionettes” to share the Gospel.
(Photo courtesy of WMP)

WMP Scripture booklets play a vital role in the work of one newer partner, Harrell Family Missions. “They have the children’s ministry; they have evangelism events; they also have church planting,” Williams says.

“Over the last ten years, they’ve had at least 30,000 children respond to the Gospel, asking Jesus to be their Savior.”

One recent outreach training equipped young women called “missionettes” to share the Gospel. More than 150 believers went house-to-house in four villages, sharing Christ and handing out WMP Scripture booklets. They also delivered food aid and clothing to those in need.

“In many of these cultures, women minister to women because they may find that the response is better. The communication is better; the understanding is better,” Williams says.

Gospel workers in places like Honduras rely on WMP to provide resources and tools for their outreach. You can help by underwriting the cost of production and shipping.

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Header and story images courtesy of World Missionary Press.

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