Missions and college degree at the same time?

By September 26, 2007

USA (MNN) — There are plenty of reasons why many people find it difficult to choose between missions and degree work.

Book of Hope
has an option for those people. Their Nomads Degree Program is a chance for
students to spend time overseas doing missions while working on a degree at the same time.  An average week might consist of 20-30 hours of mission work and 15-20 hours of degree work. Nomads can complete a degree in 17-32 months, depending on whether previous credits are brought in. 

Courses are done through Southeastern University. As an online program, cohorts or groups of
students in the same degree work together. Students are in weekly contact with professors who can answer questions in a timely manner.

Current available degrees include a Liberal Arts Program, AA in Early Childhood, Church Leadership B.S., Business and Professional Leadership B.S., Human Services B.S., MBA, MA in Ministerial Leadership, and Non-Cohort courses. 

Students must be accepted at the University and complete their internship approval with Book of Hope before participating. 

Though this year's deadlines have passed, there are still trips for next year available. Click here to check out trip dates and get started on your journey to a degree while helping God's people.

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