Money on its way to Beslan, Russia for ministry

By October 4, 2004

Russia (MNN) — Hundreds of people continue to mourn in Russia, as more than 350 people died during the Beslan school massacre a month ago. As they struggle to come to grips with the circumstances, Send International is helping the local church respond.

Dwayne King with Send International says they’re taking the first installment of $10,000 into Beslan as we speak. King explains why. “So that those people on the ground, the pastors, the people in the church, are able to minister to their neighbors who have lost children and loved ones.”

King says the church is uniquely qualified to reach out. “They’ve lost children. Some of them have severe medical needs. The people understand and their eyes are open to the fact that they are all in this together and the Christians are suffering as well as the unbelievers. And so, this is a time to make a tremendous impact for the cause of Christ.”

The money is going to help with practical needs. “The money will be used to take care of medical needs. It will help to expand the church so that they can bring people in and care for them. It will buy other supplies that the church needs in terms of their ministry programs in order to reach out to all of these people.”

King says the opportunity to meet spiritual needs is now. If you’d like to help Send International and the church in Beslan, go to their web site

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