More aid rushed into Central America–believers are an integral part of the movement.

By October 21, 2005

Central America (MNN)–As Hurricane Wilma bears toward Central America, residents of areas already struggling under natural disaster brace for more of the same.

Food For The Poor not only sent aid to the victims of the flooding and landslides in Guatemala and El Salvador, they’ve also laid out a plan to continue to do so in the foreseeable future..

Containers of medicine and medical supplies have already been sent to El Salvador. The warehouses, stocked with supplies in preparation of ths year’s predicted hurricane season, are open for full distribution.

Food, clothing, hygiene and medical supplies are headed to the hardest hit. Pray for the teams as they continue to mobilize relief efforts into impassable areas. They consider their response to be as a testimony to Christ.

The team’s reputation in the region is already well knowm. Many of the existing projects in both El Salvador and Guatemla include vocational skills training, building repair, school and clinic construction, hygiene supplies, hospitals, feeding programs, and self-help programs

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