Bible training comes full circle with disaster in Guatemala.

By October 21, 2005

Guatemala (MNN)–Guatemala’s government estimates it will be a few months until mudslide damaged roads will be fully cleared.

Whole villages have been wiped out, declared mass graves. 1400 are missing,and hundreds of thousands left without shelter. The basic infrastructure damage echoes that left behind by 1998’s Hurricane Mitch. It’s a double whammy on a country plagued by poverty and corruption. .

Despite the chaotic delivery of aid, there are many people who bring the situation down to what one person can do for just a few.

When a believer is involved, the action speaks louder than the words–faith with feet, if you will. ABack to the Bible-supported missionary in the worst hit area is providing relief and spiritual help to those affected by the catastrophe.

Through the aid he’s offering, it appears his training has come full circle. Back to the Bible says he’s graduate of Central American Theological Seminary and had received scholarship assistance from the International Scholarship Fund.

Here’s how it works: many Christians outside of North America lack the Bible training needed to serve effectively as church leaders among their own people.

But, receiving such training is an insurmountable obstacle for most due to expense. Back to the Bible developed a scholarship program to offer grants to qualified, needy Bible college students who are planning to use their training in full-time Christian service.

A small investment that reaps a harvest of souls in a generation. If you want to get involved, go to:

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