More rains forecast for flooded Jakarta; believers reaching out.

By February 8, 2007

Indonesia (MNN) — Indonesia's
deadly flood waters may be receding, but World Vision's national director
Trihadi Saptoadi (Tri-hah-dee Sahp-toe-ah-dee) says nearly 60-percent of Jakarta is

The flooding displaced hundreds of thousands and more rain
is coming. That's prompting officials to warn survivors of the potential for
fresh flooding. There's another concern facing WVI's team. Because thousands of
people are sheltering in government buildings, schools and mosques to escape
their flooded homes, there's a lot of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions.

That's sparked fears of a rampant spread of waterborne
diseases.  Saptoadi agrees. "We are
concerned that actually, flood-related illnesses like diarrhea and dysentery
may be coming in.  This morning, I went
to one of the temporary shelters in a big mosque where we distribute all our
assistance. I found two out of five kids went to the hospital because of

to WVI, the most severely affected peoples are the Cawang, Cipinang Melayu,
Kebon Pala, and Cilincing project communities (also known as Area Development
Programs, or ADPs). The Susukan ADP has suffered minor impact.

give an idea of the changing scope of the relief effort: World Vision's team
distributed 600 family kits and additional emergency supplies in Cawang on
Saturday; they also distributed blankets, sarongs, noodles, mineral water, and
other items in Kebon Pala and Cilincing ADPs. World Vision has been
distributing emergency supplies to thousands of affected people since Friday evening,
and expects to reach more than 7,300 families by the end of this week.

Saptoadi says that's proven to be the open door to
ministry.  "We're working with the
poor in the poorest place in Jakarta.
People know that we are Christians. People know that we do all this work
because of our love, our call.  They know
us fairly well, but they really will come ask because we really come with
compassion and our calling as a Christian."

Please pray for the
more than 500,000 (WVI estimate) people displaced by flooding in Jakarta and those who
have lost loved ones. Pray, too, for World Vision staff to be able to provide
needed relief assistance to the flood survivors quickly.  Click here if you want to help.

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