More religious freedom expect in Ukraine

By December 28, 2004

Ukraine (MNN) — The re-run of Ukraine’s presidential election seems to have gone smoothly, but the results of the election may be taken to the country’s Supreme Court.

In the mean time, Greater Europe Mission’s Rich Bonham says the ‘re-election’ went a lot better than the flawed election last month. “I think it’s been helpful having 12,000 international observers in the country just monitoring the polling places. There’s been far fewer complaints and it’s been very orderly.”

GEM operates a Bible school in southern Ukraine. They also use computers training to lead people to Christ. Bonham says it’s hard to say what Viktor Yushchenko’s election to the presidency could mean for religious freedom. “We know that Yushchenko has definitely had more leanings toward the west and possibly joining the European Union and in general that means more freedom.”

During this time of uncertainty, Bonham is praying for one thing. “That people would really be open to the Gospel message. During this time of change when there’s such dramatic things happening that people would realize that there’s more to life than what it has been and that Christians within the country would be there to share the wonderful news of the Gospel of Christ.”

Greater Europe Mission needs funding to help support their Bible school and computer training program.

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