More troubles reported from missionaries in India.

By July 18, 2005

India (MNN)–Grace Ministries International is not able to send American missionaries to India because of government restrictions.

That means the work of outreach falls to the national workers involved in the six churches that now exist.
Missionary partners with Grace Ministries are sharing unsettling news from India.

There is an effort to discredit the Christian faith. As a result, the persecution of Christians has been on the rise and has been spreading rapidly throughout the country.

Recent news reports back that up. The Hindu Fundamentalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) announced a shocking new initiative to train Hindu militants to fight Christians. A training camp has even been set up in Jeypore, a city in the Orissa state.

In the past, there was more focus on the destruction of property and the oppression of Christians. But, the team reports the focus has been shifted to Christian leaders and pastors, along with the accusation they ‘bought’ conversions from Hinduism to Christianity.

Pray for those in ministry. The militans are planning to train thousands of young people within next two years to fight Christian missionaries.

According to its statement published on, their work will be focused on Orissa state, since “missionaries are very active in this area.” The re-conversions to Hinduism are planned in “various border districts of Orissa.”

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