Mosquito nets help share the Gospel

By October 28, 2016

India (MNN) — Mosquitoes and the Bible. That’s what we’re talking about today and you’re probably wondering, “how do those things even go together?”

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

(Photo Courtesy Scott Sherrill-Mix via Flickr)

(Photo Courtesy Scott Sherrill-Mix via Flickr)

Bibles For The World believes one way to change a nation is through Christian education and sharing the Gospel. Currently, Bibles For The World serves about 10,000 children in schools founded by the ministry in parts of northeastern India.

But mosquitoes in this region are a problem, and the call to reach the world with the love of Christ is best responded to when thought of holistically. Bibles For The World believes in the importance of sharing the Good News by teaching Scripture, but also by caring for people on physical levels, too.

“Those children are at great risk from mosquito-borne diseases, and so we launched a little bit of a campaign here to try and provide for those children and their families mosquito nets,” Jeff McLinden of Bibles For The World explains.

“[Nets are] one of the best protections against these mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, malaria, and in particular dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis.”

All four diseases are prevalent in northeast India, the same region where Bibles For The World’s founder, Rochunga Pudaite, was born.

Bibles For The World began founding schools nearly four decades ago and also has a college and seminary in northeast India. Kids being educated through Bibles For The World schools are being introduced to God’s Word and Love in a variety of forms. One of those ways is care for the children and their families’ health.

Many families in northeast India live in huts lacking screens and windows. In fact, a lot of families sleep together on the floor, often times on a woven mat or something similar. Ultimately, these people are left to nature’s mercy, and mosquitoes aren’t so merciful.

And while it might seem like mosquitoes shouldn’t be a big deal, many of these villages do not have the resources needed to combat the mosquito problem. What seems like a small problem is actually a big one.

In northeast India, where potentially deadly diseases are carried by tiny, flying bugs, these mosquito nets are vital. But these mosquito nets are also Gospel points.


(Photo Courtesy Julie Gallagher via Flickr)

(Photo Courtesy Julie Gallagher via Flickr)

These mosquito nets become Gospel points by helping Bibles For The World continue building relationships with families and opening doors for God’s Word to be heard. By genuinely caring for northeast India’s people physically as well as spiritually, the ministry is living out what it preaches, through love and action.

“That’s why this campaign about the mosquito nets is a very important one…” McLinden shares. “You know, mosquito nets are fairly inexpensive and what we’re asking is if people will consider making a gift of a mosquito net for a child and his family.”

Just one mosquito net costs only $12. This number includes the purchase, distribution, and logistical costs, too. For less than a dinner out, you can help protect a family from various harmful diseases. Not once or twice, but every night.

“This is one aspect of the ministry that is not as well-known as the Bible distribution that we do,” McLinden says.

“But, because of the great need in India for education, and particularly Christian education, this is the focus of the ministry that does consume a lot of our resources and does provide a blessing to so many Christians and to so many families who are living in great poverty in those areas.”

To donate and provide a bed net for a family in need, click here!

To learn more about Bibles For The World’s education in northeast India, click here!

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