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Mother and daughter rescued from abuse

By December 3, 2015
(Photo courtesy Compassion International)

(Photo courtesy Compassion International)

International (MNN) — There’s a common question that goes, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” This could relate to any number of ideas or situations, including domestic violence. Thousands and even millions of abuse cases go unnoticed worldwide. Yet, it’s clear that even though the cases are unacknowledged, they still happen.

The United Nations released staggering numbers, which show around 1 in 3 women are abused. A majority of the children in households with domestic violence will witness the abuse or experience it themselves. Ark of Hope for Children reports about 40 million kids are harmed each year–a major factor in pushing suicide to be the third leading cause of death among minors.

Yet despite the statistics, there is still hope among the hurting. Alejandra and her mother, Maria, are living proof of this. Compassion International tells the difficult story of the mother and daughter.

They were living with a man who continuously abused and threatened Maria in front of Alejandra. After some time passed, they became afraid and didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. So they prayed for a way out.

Their escape came through Compassion. Alejandra had been going to a center for tutoring lessons. “She cried a lot when she went to that institution, and they would ask, ‘What’s wrong?'” Maria recounts the story on a video. “She would just cry and cry because she knew the life that I lived, because we lived a terrible life more than others.”

Alejandra was reluctant to share what was going on because she was afraid. But, Compassion staff prayed that God would reveal the truth, and eventually Alejandra told them about the abuse in her household.

The Compassion team called Maria and met with her to find out what she needed. She responded by asking for a small room of refuge for her and Alejandra. “Thanks to God, within a week the materials were prepared. And I was content because I always ask in my prayers, and it has now become a reality, that God give me a house.”

Alejandra and her mother were part of Compassion’s Rescue from a Dangerous Situation program, which helps save hundreds of vulnerable people. It provides relocation, counseling, medical support, and legal action.

Thank God for rescuing Alejandra and Maria for providing and protecting them.

You can be a financial partner with Compassion to get at-risk children out of unsafe environments.

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  • Dean L says:

    While this is a good ending to a horrible story, praise be to the LORD, i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t trust the united nations’ numbers or reports in any manner.

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