Muslim-background believers advance despite Algeria’s persecution

By March 30, 2023

Algeria (MNN) — Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with his cohorts in Algeria’s capital a year ago today. The United States added Algeria to its Special Watch List for religious freedom violations, but it didn’t change much for believers.

Government pressure increased throughout 2022, and persecution continues now. Yet hope remains. “We have a victorious God,” says Hie-Tee*, a Gospel worker partnering with Operation Mobilization USA in Algeria.

“By His grace and protection, we are able to continue very prudently and watchfully.”

As described here, life is a continual challenge for believers in Algeria. Even so, “it is not accidental that you have so many converts, so many believers from Algeria and not in Tunisia or Libya or Morocco, Mauritania,” Hie-Tee says.

“God has chosen Algeria.”

Algeria’s government has closed more than 40 Protestant churches since 2018.
(Photo courtesy Middle East Concern)

Purpose-driven living

Hie-Tee and her husband, Youssef*, oversee several OM ministries in Algeria. Authorities closed and sealed the couple’s formal ministry center – the House of Hope – in 2018. However, the mission’s initiatives continue and grow.

“By God’s grace, we have classes going on and women’s ministry; we have people going into missions to the Middle East and North Africa,” Hie-Tee says.

“Hundreds and hundreds of thousands [of people have] been reached through our media ministry,” Youssef adds.

The government may be closing church buildings, but Algeria is home to one of the fastest-growing church movements in the Muslim world. These believers from a Muslim background have a Great Commission focus.

“At least 7,000 Algerian believers [have come] through summer camp, and 500 or more have graduated from Timothy Schools,” Hie-Tee says.

“Those believers are not just [claiming faith] for decoration, but they are equipped and sent out to make other disciples.”

Support Gospel work in Algeria through OM USA. Ask the Lord to give His followers courage, boldness, and wisdom.

“One of the government’s tactics at the moment is to create fear among the Christians,” Youssef says.

“They are watching your phone, your Facebook; whatever you do now, you can be in trouble.”


*Names withheld for security purposes.



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Daoud Abismail/Unsplash.