Teacher shortage leads to new college in Argentina

By March 30, 2023

Argentina (MNN) – In Argentina, about 60 to 70 percent of youth do not finish high school. Only three out of 10 students in the poorest communities will graduate. Why is this happening?

TeachBeyond’s president, David Durance, says the educational crisis is recognized across the country. One of the primary concerns is the shortage of teachers, and Christian schools are no exception. The national director of TeachBeyond in Argentina reported that 70 percent of teachers at one Christian school are not believers simply because there were not enough Christian teachers available to hire.

“After meeting with some colleagues down there, who are now TeachBeyond members, we recognize that this is one of the countries that most desperately needs real advancement and teacher education, and specifically, teacher education for Christians,” says Durance.

TeachBeyond promotes education in dozens of countries around the world. The organization provides many services and even operates schools, but this year, the ministry is venturing into new territory — opening a Christian teachers’ college for Argentina.

“We’re so concerned that there are no Christian teachers available to staff and equip these Christian schools that are so desperate to deliver that quality education that will graduate these kids. And of course, you have an opportunity to nurture this next generation for Christ,” says Durance.

Opening a new college isn’t a simple feat. TeachBeyond had to follow a lengthy process to make sure the college would be accredited and legal. Along the way, they saw God overcome many roadblocks for the school to become a reality.

“The fingerprint of God has been all over the impossibilities that were presented in front of us as we started that process,” says Durance.

“God just kept going around those roadblocks with us and creating ways to get permission to be a legally operating Christian teacher College in Argentina. So we’re celebrating that and saying this could be a template for other things we’d like to be doing globally.”

Many other countries also struggle to meet demands for qualified teachers. Argentina’s new college is a prototype project that TeachBeyond hopes to replicate in the future to address this global issue. With full approval from Argentina’s government, TeachBeyond hopes to soon open the college with a class of 25 to 50 students.

You can learn more about the project and support the financial needs through TeachBeyond.

Reversing the educational crisis won’t be easy or quick, but Durance says the college will hopefully start a generational change for the future of Argentina.

“The Gospel needs to be at the heart of the problem,” says Durance. “And we believe this is one of the ways we can address that.”


Header image courtesy of Sadie Teper via Unsplash.