Muslim dominance no match for the Gospel in Benin

By September 12, 2007

Benin (MNN) — The fact that Bariba people in Northern Benin are predominantly Muslim does not seem to be hindering the power of the Gospel. 

Words of Hope's
Lee DeYoung says people gather each week to listen to Christian programs that are produced, in part, by the United Evangelical Church of Benin. The programs created by several local pastors each week are making a huge impact. "These broadcasts are listened to nightly by large audiences, and as people gather, sometimes that becomes the nucleus for a
church," said DeYoung. 

The stations airing broadcasts are medium wave, government run stations. There are also community fm stations popping up in Benin. 

During Words of Hope's travels to Benin, they visited two churches that have been planted by those who listen to the programs. "A small
church building had been put up at that time, and now it had been replaced by a much larger structure as that church is growing. So we see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spreading in Benin, and radio is one of the primary means by which that is being accomplished," DeYoung said.

During their stay in one area, they announced on the air that there would be a gathering later that night. "About 300 people showed up at 8 o'clock at a church which is at the edge of town– outside of town actually. These 300 people stayed for a service that went on for three hours and 45 minutes," said DeYoung. They shared testimonies and many thanks for the broadcasts in the language of the Bariba people.

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