Muslim mob attacks Christians in Kano State, Nigeria.

By April 25, 2008

Nigeria (MNN) — Christians in
Kano State, Nigeria are still unnerved after a Muslim mob attack on Sunday.   

A report from Compass Direct News
says hundreds of Muslims went on a rampage burning Christian shops and vehicles
on claims that a Christian had blasphemed the Islamic prophet Mohammed.
Thousands of Christians were trapped in churches until police dispersed

Voice of the Martyrs' Todd
Nettleton explains, "There has been tension in Kano, and across Northern
Nigeria between Muslims and Christians. So, just hearsay that Mohammed had been
blasphemed against was enough to stir people to violence." 

Police intervened when Muslims at
a market in the Sabon Garia area of the city reportedly attacked the Christian
who was blamed for sparking the incident.

The Compass
report went on to say that the Muslim mob went to the police station,
threatening to burn it down unless officers released the Christian to be stoned
to death in accordance with Sharia law. Police were able to disperse the mob.


Although the
violence and the riots haven't seen many headlines as of late, that doesn't
mean the sectarian troubles have disappeared. 
In fact, Nettleton says, the the push to implement Sharia law in the
region may be inflaming the attacks.

With jittery nerves, Christians,
particularly those involved in outreach, are laying low.  Nettleton says,  "It is dangerous to be a Christian in
northern Nigeria, particularly if you're involved in outreach.  Hundreds of Christians have now gone to the
police station, they've gone to the military bases saying, 'we believe this
attack is not over, we believe there will be more violence.  Protect us from that!'"

Pray for peace and strength for Christians facing opposition
from Muslims in Nigeria. Pray that Christians will demonstrate the love of
Christ, in spite of the opposition that they face.


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