Muslim people and the God in their dreams

By April 28, 2016

USA (MNN) – For the first time in fourteen centuries, more Muslims than ever are coming to Christ. Some people have attributed this shift to the Arab Springs and the terrorism running rampant throughout the Middle East, causing Muslims to question their faith. But Perry Lahaie with Frontiers has a different answer.

“All over the Muslim world, Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus. And, you know for some people…it might rock your theology that God is doing these kinds of things.”

(Photo courtesy Frontiers USA)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers USA)

Lahaie has heard firsthand accounts from Muslim background believers who first encountered Christ through a dream or visions. “I want to suggest the reason that God is revealing Himself through dreams and visions and the reason so many Muslims are coming to Jesus is that He wants to get our attention, the Church’s attention,” Lahaie explains.

To Lahaie, it’s a call to go, reach the nations, and proclaim the Gospel.

Out of every 10 Muslims, 8 have never met a true Christian who believes in Jesus Christ. That’s where you come in, because unless Christians are seeking relationships with Muslims, how else are the two going to meet? To help, Frontiers has an acronym to keep in mind and use, H.E.L.P.

Hello: Say hello, after all a greeting is the first step in an introduction.
Engage: Engage in conversation, relationships, and share your life with Muslims in your area.
Learn: Take time to learn about Muslims and their language. It might be a surprise to find out they’re very hospitable and welcoming individuals.
Pray: Pray is such a powerful tool. Pray on your own for Muslims to come to know Christ and, when the opportunity arises, pray with a Muslim the same way you would with a fellow Christian.

As Lahaie puts it, sharing Christ with Muslims “starts with reaching out now… It starts with initiating [and building] friendships and having coffee with Muslims that we might know. Inviting them into our home. Going into their home,” Lahaie expresses.

Frontiers is helping equip believers to start serving Muslims wherever they’re at, even if it’s here in the United States. To do so, Frontiers offers resources, e-newsletters, and training to prepare Christians for ministry and engagement with Muslims.

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