Muslim Testimonials Shed Light on Prayer Needs

By June 13, 2016

USA (MNN) — “The fasting, the hard work–God, I feel like I’m beating the surface of a bottomless sea with my arms and legs, just to keep from drowning.”

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Attaway via Flickr)

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Attaway via Flickr)

This quote is an excerpt from Frontiers USA’s Ramadan prayer guide this year titled Searching for a Father.

Today marks the second week of Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims to pray and fast. There are several prayer guides out there for Ramadan and how Christians can be praying for Muslims.

Perry LaHaie with Frontiers shares what makes Searching for a Father different. “It’s more than a prayer guide. It looks at the Muslim world through the eyes of a Muslim family—Firas and his family—characters who in many ways represent Muslims everywhere…. It’s seeing the Muslim world through the eyes of a Muslim.”

There are currently 1.6 billion Muslims who don’t yet know Christ as their personal Savior. Many Christians don’t understand much about Islam or the Muslim community. So even if someone feels a burden for their Muslim neighbors, it’s hard to know what their needs are or how to pray for them.

Mosque in Kazakhstan. (Photo courtesy of Ken and Nyetta/Flickr)

Mosque in Kazakhstan. (Photo courtesy of Ken and Nyetta/Flickr)

“We just wanted to do something that was unique to Frontiers, that tells a story, follows a particular family throughout the whole season so you can see it through their eyes and feel what they feel and hopefully get more a heart through the Muslim world,” says LaHaie.

Story is so important because it draws us in and we can identify with the different feelings and emotions that people have. So it’s really a desire to draw us into the experience so we can pray more deeply and more realistically.”

This narrative-driven prayer guide during the weeks of Ramadan is a unique opportunity. While Muslims are praying and fasting from June 6-July 5, many are open to exploring the truth of their faith.

For some, this time of Ramadan leads to a miraculous awakening through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and coming to see the truth of the God of the Bible. They see that Islam and its rules do not have the answers.

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

LaHaie explains, “[Muslims are] working really hard to earn God’s favor, earn salvation. And it just kind of gives you an inside look at what it’s like to be in that kind of a system where you’re trying to earn God’s favor.”

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