Muslim youth vandalize Christian bookstore twice within five days

By February 25, 2009

Turkey (MNN) — Voice of the Martyrs Canada says that a Christian bookstore in Turkey was vandalized twice within recent weeks, according to a report from Compass Direct News.

On February 7, glass in the front door of the Soz Kitapevi bookshop was smashed and the security camera mangled. Damages were repaired, and security cameras captured two Muslim youth as they kicked and shattered glass in the storefront's window and door five days later. The unidentified youths also damaged the door frame. Using the security footage, police are attempting to identify culprits.

Muslim neighbors are generally accepting of the bookstore, although employees have faced threats in the past. Last November, a man reportedly walked into the shop and began accusing the shop of working with the CIA to harm Muslims.

"You work with them, killing people in Muslim countries, harming Muslim countries," said the man. Pray that attacks against the bookstore would stop.

Evangelism isn't specifically forbidden in Turkey, but authorities view it with high suspicion. Police arrest those who evangelize with charges of disturbing the peace, "insulting Islam," or conducting illegal educational courses. Worship services are only permitted in buildings "created for this purpose," and building construction by minority religions has been resisted by officials. Those who are bold enough to declare their faith face harassment, threats, and imprisonment.

VOM Canada supports Turkish believers with encouraging radio broadcasts
and provides assistance for Christian workers who share the Gospel with
their neighbors.

Ask God to protect believers in Turkey. Pray, also, that these acts of vandalism will not develop into more serious attacks. To learn more about persecution in Turkey, visit VOM Canada's Web site by clicking here

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