The difference of your dollar

By February 25, 2009

International (MNN) — Have you ever wanted to donate to a ministry but didn't follow through because you didn't have the money? Well, now just one dollar is can make a difference to reach someone with the Gospel through the television ministry of SAT-7.

SAT-7's David Harder explains how the "One Dollar Viewer" program works. "We've got a cost of around 10 million dollars to operate the whole operation, create the programs, and broadcast the programs. So for that, with 10 million known viewers, you can reach one of those viewers with your one dollar."

This dollar provides viewers with an entire year of SAT-7 television. SAT-7 is directed toward viewers in the Middle East and North Africa, with broadcasts that include kids' television, live worship, films, and several other programs. Although many families who watch are poor, 90 percent of them still own a television, providing SAT-7 with an enormous opportunity for outreach.

Broadcasts are used for both evangelism and encouragement for other believers. "We're able to provide life-giving broadcasts that bring the Gospel, that help young Christians, and help our brothers and sisters in Christ in these regions grow in the Lord," notes Harder.

Funding has become pertinent, especially considering the limited sources from which SAT-7 pulls its finances. "In reality, SAT-7 is not that well-known in the U.S.," says Harder, "and many people don't realize that we don't ask for funds on air. We never do that, we never have, and we never will. Instead, we rely on gifts from people around the world."

Your gift of even one dollar is especially needed. Due to the enormous response to one of SAT-7's new live shows, they are planning to produce more. Live television costs more, however, and donor support as imperative. (To read more news about SAT-7's live programs, click here.)

Join SAT-7's One Dollar Viewer campaign today by donating even one dollar to help spread the Gospel and encourage believers through the technology of television. To give your donation, click here or at the banner on the top of our web page.

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