Muslims on Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca are finding salvation in Jesus

By August 17, 2018
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Middle East (MNN) — Millions of Muslim men and women will convene Sunday for one of the most sacred experiences in Islam — the Hajj.

It’s an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and considered one of Islam’s five pillars. All adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable are expected to participate in the Hajj at least once in their lifetime.

The Hajj takes place over five days in which Muslims circle the black, cube-shaped Kaaba — considered by Muslims as the house of their god. They also perform other various religious rites as they seek Allah and deepen their faith.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

As Muslim men and women pursue spiritual truth and enlightenment, this time of year is a pivotal opportunity for Christians to pray that Muslims would instead come face-to-face with the God of the Bible.

There are numerous stories of God using the Hajj to reveal to Muslims the truth of the Bible and that Jesus Christ is more than a good prophet, but God’s Son and the way to salvation.

For starters, Perry LaHaie with Frontiers USA shares Adila’s story*:

“Adila keeps having dreams of Jesus and she tells her Imam about it. He tells her that Allah is favoring her and that she should go on the Hajj. Her family pools the money together [and] she goes to Mecca.

“The first time she is walking around the Kaaba stone, she sees Jesus on the rock — the Kaaba stone — and he looks at her. It’s a vision in the middle of the day. He says to her, ‘Read the book [the Bible]. I love you. I died for you. Read the book.’ And Adila did and now she is following Jesus!”

There is also Ali and Zehra’s story** from Turkey. LaHaie recounts, “Ali wasn’t a good Muslim. He was an alcoholic. His terrified kids would watch him beat his wife, Zehra. He hated himself for it so he moved away from his family to Saudi Arabia so he couldn’t hurt them. He still struggled with drinking but he became really determined to change.

(Photo courtesy of Frontiers USA)

“So he went on the Hajj. He went to seek Allah’s help. He hoped he would become a devout Muslim. He didn’t want to hurt his family. His first night in Mecca, Jesus appeared to him in a dream saying, ‘You belong to me.’ When he woke up, he heard [Jesus’] voice again: ‘You belong to me.’

“He went back to his wife and children with tears and just sobbing, he begged their forgiveness. It was a start. But his transformation over time inspired his family to follow Jesus. Now Ali and Zehra are pastoring a church.”

Ali, Zehra, and Adira’s personal stories of meeting Jesus are just a few examples of how Muslim men and women are finding biblical truth — even in an unlikely experience such as the Hajj.

As Muslims journey on the Hajj next week, please take time every day to lift Muslim communities before the Lord in prayer.

Specifically, LaHaie asks, “Pray that as Muslims complete the Hajj this year, that they would have dreams and visions of Jesus.”

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*Adila’s story originally shared in Tom Doyle’s book, “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?”.

**Ali and Zehra’s story originally shared in video series, “More Than Dreams”.

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