Muslims seem jealous of Christians in Kazakhstan

By December 4, 2003

Kazakhstan (MNN) — It’s a time when many Muslims are searching for their god. But, Christians in Kazakhstan were using Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, as a time to share the message of the Gospel.

That message was met with some resistance. Bible Mission International’s Mark Remschisel says Christians were able to share Christ with Muslims, who were searching for god during Ramada, Islam’s holiest month.

“It caused a little bit of anxiety on the part of some of the Muslim leaders” says Remschisel. He says, “Some of our teams were detained. Also, two women were invited to go into the school district. Those young ladies are now being faced with a fine and they’re trying to process some other legal proceedings again them.”

Remschisel says Muslim leaders seem to be jealous of what Christians are doing there. “The local believers are having a powerful impact in these communities and that’s not true of Islam. The people watch believers come in and do reconstruction and see cows and pigs and chickens being given. It sparks a question in their mind.” And, those questions are opening doors to sharing Christ.

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  • I met a Muslim couple from Kazakhstan yesterday; everything went fine until I ask him if he was a Muslim or a Christian? He said he was a Muslim. So I asked him if he prayed five times a day? He said, No, I don’t even pray five times a year, why should I? I said, You should talk to God in prayer and sometimes he will talk to you. He laughed at me (his wife laughed too). They said, You’re crazy, God doesn’t talk to you! Why doesn’t he talk to us? I said, Because you’re a Muslim. He got mad and said, Oh, don’t say that! I said, It is not because being a Muslim is bad it’s because you don’t believe God COULD talk to you, so he won’t/ He said, Oh, you offended me! I said, How? You laughed at me when I told you what God does for me and then you got mad when I said he won’t do it for you because you don’t believe he can or will. He turned himself away from me and would not look at me. How sad is that?

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