Myanmar coup death toll rises to over 500

By April 6, 2021

Myanmar (MNN) — Over two months have passed since Myanmar’s military seized power of the country from the elected government. In that time, well over 500 people have been killed. Read more here.

Brian Dennett with AMG International tells the story of one of the victims. “A pastor there was a friend of a partner Church of AMG. We got just very disturbing news the other day that he was shot. He was simply out trying to find medicine for his family, and was shot and killed.”

On March 28, the military killed over 100 civilians, including at least 7 children, in coordinated attacks around the country. Dennett says, “With the coup authority in the country, there is so much intimidation right now. It’s really almost a universal persecution, trying to create fear and establish authority there.”

AMG’s work in Myanmar

AMG supports churches and communities in Myanmar. But right now, they are treating the country as a disaster zone. Dennett says, “Almost everything in Myanmar has been disrupted for people. Access to just basic needs of food, water, and medicine has been cut off completely. So we are trying to mount an effort to get basic food and supplies to people as quickly as possible.”

Pray the love of Christians during this tragedy will point many to Jesus.



The header photo comes courtesy of AMG International on Facebook.

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