Myanmar shadow government calls for civilian revolt

By September 9, 2021

Myanmar (MNN) — A shadow government in Myanmar has called for civilian armed groups all around the country to revolt against the military. Myanmar’s military seized control of the country in early February. The shadow government is composed mostly of lawmakers displaced by the military coup.

The acting president of the government, Duwa Lashi La, also called upon police officers to resign from their posts and join the resistance. He appealed to local armed groups that have been fighting military forces for months, using guerilla-style tactics.

Next week, the United Nations is expected to decide which government will represent Myanmar at the General Assembly: the shadow government or the military.

AMG partners

Brian Dennett with AMG International says, “What I sensed in listening to him speak was really just the desperation of the situation. He spoke of the torture and the abuse. He talked about the occupation of public buildings and people’s homes, and just what a terrible thing this has been for the people.”

Dennett heard from AMG Partners in Myanmar, who report increased violence, especially around the city of Yangon. But most civilians don’t have weapons. He says, “Please pray that the violence does not escalate and that these people who have suffered so much already will not suffer even more. We’re also hearing that the military is going out and searching anyone who is outside of their homes. They want to see if they’re participating in this uprising.”

AMG has worked since the coup to get food, shelter, and other basic supplies to those whom the fighting has displaced or endangered. Dennett says, “We need to continue to do that. People are really suffering and they need our help.”

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Header photo courtesy of AMG International on Facebook

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