NASA Engineer makes move to missions

By November 9, 2004

Kenya (MNN) — A NASA Engineer is finding more fulfillment these days providing water to Kenyans, rather than developing water transfer systems for the International Space Station.

James Holt didn’t know that a trip to Ukraine to visit a friend and then traveling on a few youth outreach ministry trips to Siberia and Costa Rica would convince him to be a full time missionary. But, that’s exactly what’s happened.

He did a search on the internet and found that Africa Inland Mission had a need for an engineer at AIM Tech, the mission’s technical support team. A telephone call began the process and two years later he’s not looking back.

“People say to me, ‘you musts be making a great sacrifice.’ In my last two years I’ve discovered a deeper satisfaction than anything I ever had in the States. I hasn’t felt like a sacrifice.”

AIM says this is just one example of someone using their gifts for ministry.

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