The misery of human trafficking is met with the hope and love of God.

By November 8, 2004

Thailand (MNN) — God’s love is bringing hope to young women rescued from human trafficking in Thailand and Myanmar.

Economic hardships mean that many young Asian women and girls are abandoned or sold by their families for very little money to those who promise to find them employment. Many become the victims of an immoral society and live a life in brothels and nightclubs.

A missionary couple established Chiang Mai’s New Life Center as an outreach and haven for girls who have become entangled in human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Many of the 52 girls living there have been rescued from the abuse and suffering of that lifestyle.

The girls regularly listen to Trans World Radio‘s Women of Hope programs and have learned about God’s love and the hope they can have through Jesus.

God has used the ministry of Trans World Radio to turn the misery and suffering of these young women into the hope and healing found only in Christ.

Pray that God will continue using the New Life Center and many others who have a heart to extend God’s love and grace to the women brought out of such hopeless situations. Pray that many of them will find belonging and love in God’s family.

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