National contest winner reaches out to her hometown

By October 27, 2009

USA (MNN) — Last spring, the HCJB Global "Voice and
Hands of Jesus" contest challenged North American believers to get out of the
pew and put their faith in action. In her hometown of Tucson, Arizona, Joyce Tindell mobilized
her beliefs and began a summer VBS ministry.

"We have people in our own country–in our own
backyards–who need the Lord, who need Jesus," says Tindell.  

Inspired by this need, Tindell entered HCJB's contest after reading
about it on the Web.  

"It was just a way to hopefully get our mission out
there," she says. "Because it is a mission field, it's not just a
project or a program; it is a mission field."

Tindell explains that the summer VBS grew from a prayer group
formed over a year ago. The group prayed consistently over a Tucson apartment
complex laden with drugs and drug-trafficking.    

"As we prayed, the drugs and the people who dealt
drugs, well, I think God just kinda' removed them."

As the complex became safer with less and less dangerous
activity, Tindell says the group decided to hold a Vacation Bible School for kids
in the complex. Between 20 and 30 kids attended VBS, according to Tindell.

"We had a couple of the kids come to the Lord in an
outreach before the Vacation Bible School," she added, "and those
kids came back carrying their Bibles, which was very encouraging."

From this ministry, a women's Bible study and kids' Bible
club were formed. Tindell explains that the women's study was an unplanned yet
encouraging result.  

"Really we were
looking more at the kids, and we got the ladies first and then the kids. I
think they're very interested and very ready to hear the Word of God."  

Tindell says the money received from HCJB will support these
new studies. Pray for the families impacted by Tindell's ministry to grow in

The Voice and Hands contest challenged believers to submit
their ideas for a summer ministry with two components: voice (declaring Jesus)
and hands (demonstrating Jesus). Ten winners received a flip camera and $200
toward their project. Click here to find out how one couple gave eye care to
300 orphans and transformed a Bulgarian community's view of Christ.

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