National leadership training a must to complete the Great Commission

By June 9, 2005

International (MNN) — It’s an organization that’s been responsible for training 300,000 church leaders in 75 nations. While that sounds like an incredible number, it’s just a fraction of the need that exists throughout the world.

Doctor David Shibley with Global Advance says people serious about completing the Great Commission must be concerned about equipping pastoral leaders especially in the developing nations of the world. Shibley explains, “Statistically, the church now, is southern hemisphere dominant. That vigorous southern hemisphere church in Latin America, Africa and Asia will really be the dominant force in Christianity — at least in this century. However, the leadership of that church is often poorly trained and poorly equipped.”

Shibley believes the 2-million pastoral leaders in the developing nations of the world are the single greatest key to fulfilling the Great Commission. That’s why their Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences are so important. “They certainly need principles that are cross cultural, that are Biblical, that come out of Scripture on church growth and church planting, on the sending of missionaries, on the discipling of believers in their nation.”

Funding is needed to help support these conferences, says Shibley. “It takes approximately $75 to bring a pastor out of his village, to training him for a week, to provide housing and meals for him, to put culturally relevant resources in his hands for evangelism and church planting. I think it’s of the finest mission investments that can be made.” Those trained will then commit to training 100 others during the year.

Click on the link above to help fund a Frontline Shepherd somewhere in the world. 45 conferences will be held this year in 36 countries.

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