Nationals ask ASM to provide Scriptures

By June 25, 2007

Peru (MNN) — The Quechua people of Peru are often marginalized because they cannot speak Spanish. They must learn the language in order to be a part of society. 

"The persecution is more subtle," said Tom Dudenhoffer of Audio Scripture Ministries.  Recently, ASM was asked to investigate the possibility of partnering with nationals involved in media ministry work to get the Quechua people Scripture in their own language.

While the Quechua people have been exposed to Christianity, many cannot read. There are few resources in their own language. "The Qeuchua people that we visited are very responsive to God's Word in their language. They have a sense of reverence for the Bible, and they seem to recognize that it stands for something, but they've never had direct access," said Dudenhoffer. 

The society, also, has become deeply devastated by alcoholism and other issues like incest and abuse in marriages. With the Quechua church growing, many of these issues are being addressed. The leaders have begun dealing with issues that no one had previously wanted to deal with. "They're doing it with Scripture media products that say ‘Here's what the Bible says about what you're doing.' And when the Quechua people hear the authority of the Bible in their language, they respond."

"I think we need to really praise God for the fact that He has raised up nationals–Quechua believers who have a passion to reach their people with God's Word," said Dudenhoffer. While American missionaries helped establish the framework, the Quechuas have developed their own approach to ministry.

"They are right on the money and doing a tremendous job," said Dudenhoffer.

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