Radio broadcasts light and hope into Medellin, Colombia

By June 25, 2007

Colombia (MNN) — Medellin is Colombia's second largest city, often associated with heavy drug trade and guerilla influence. 

According to the Colombian census of 2005, 23.8 percent are married, 22.3 percent live in cohabitation, and more than 44 percent of the population consists of single women. The number of violent deaths in Medellin is high, and the most affected are youth.

Trans World Radio is combating this dark picture with its "City Lights" programs. The plan is to connect churches and individuals throughout the United States with Latin American churches and radio stations to bring God's principles into thousands of lives.

"City Lights" allows churches to choose a city and sponsor a package of five to eight TWR programs designed specifically for different groups within that city.

TWR's Jim Munger explains, "The program 'Women of Hope' helps them see how the Gospel is applied to their specific situation. We address factors that relate to the family. Children's programming helps children learn basic values upon which their life needs to be established."

In a traditional sense, the people in this Latin American region have already been exposed to the Gospel message, yet thousands remain "unchanged" in their lifestyles. TWR is "turning on the light" in 50 Latin American cities over the course of the next few years. A 24-hour local station in the metropolitan area of Medellin reaches all of the city and its surroundings with "City Lights" broadcasts in the evenings.

According to TWR, Integración Familiar (Rebuilding the Family), a daily 15-minute broadcast for families, is heard Mondays through Fridays. On Saturdays, four "City Lights" programs are aired: Cosas de Nosotras, Tierra Firme (Solid Ground), Sabio y Prudente (Wisdom and Prudence) and Pedrito El Pulpo (Peter the Octopus). And on Sundays, Mujeres de Esperanza (Women of Hope)is broadcast.

Munger says they need greater coverage so more people can hear the Gospel. "Pray that God would inspire the producers of the program," urges Munger, "so that the words that they say would be just what the listener needs. Secondly, pray that God would motivate the people to actually tune into the programs when God can speak to them. And thirdly, pray that God would provide the financial resources."

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