Native American Youth Rally to Save Their People

By June 28, 2007

USA (MNN) — Hundreds of Native American teens from across the country are gathering to battle spiritual strongholds that have plagued their people for generations. Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says one of the most under-served people groups in the United States, Native Americans, have for centuries resisted the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a "white man's religion."  Some groups have even boasted that they have never given in to the Gospel and brag of their devotion to their tribal religions. 

But the realities of their lives stand in stark contrast to their pride. Alcohol and drug abuse are rampant, not to mention sexual abuse at the hands of family members. Suicide rates are higher on reservations because of the profound sense of hopelessness that plagues every aspect of tribal life.

But as God has always held a remnant in place before, He has done so once again. Teens from some of those groups will be attending the Warrior Leadership Summit this weekend. It's a six-day "boot camp" for teens to get spiritually grounded and energized to share the good news of Jesus Christ with members of their tribe. Teens will attend lectures on the basics of the gospel, evangelism, and leadership development. They will also hear from speakers addressing some of the real problems they face such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual purity, and those struggling with their identity as one of the most neglected members of American society.

Pray for these teens as they grow in their knowledge of God, deepen their faith, and strive to develop their leadership skills. Pray, too, that as they return home or to another reservation, they will have courage to stand up for their convictions and be willing to risk family and friends in order to proclaim what God has done for them.

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