Worldwide prayer effort targets North Korea.

By June 27, 2007

North Korea
(MNN) — Christian Solidarity Worldwide released a report this week concluding North Korea's
severe human rights abuses constitute crimes against humanity. The timing of
the report's release coincides with this week's Global Week of Prayer, which
ends July 1.  

It's a weeklong event in
which believers are being asked to pray for North Korea's spiritual change, as
part of the centennial anniversary of the Pyongyang Great Revival.  According to CSW, the 1907 Pyongyang Great
Revival is widely considered the base of Christianity in Korea, which
makes the spiritual climate contrast between 1907 and 2007 even more stark.

Korea was named the worst persecutor of
Christians by Open Doors for the fifth straight year, topping the persecution
watchdog ministry's annual World Watch List in 2007.

The CSW report revealed a systematic and deliberate
annihilation and of Christians. Under the current dictator Kim Jong-Il and his
father, Kim Il-Sung, citizens are forced to worship the personality cult
revolving around their government.

Religious freedom is guaranteed in the
constitution, but in reality religious activity is discouraged.  The Word
of God is banned in North
Korea.  Majority of the people have
never heard the Word of God, seen a church, or heard about Jesus Christ. 

Churches are being encouraged to include prayer for North Korea in
their services, and home groups and prayer meetings are also encouraged to
focus on the dire needs of the country. Click here if you can respond in prayer.


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