Unlimited Access to God’s Word

By June 27, 2007

International (MNN) — Macedonian is spoken by more than two million people.  The Loukas Foundation in the Netherlands has granted Bible League unlimited access to the most widely accepted Macedonian Scriptures. 

Bible League will be able to print and use the Scriptures.  They credit access like this
as the result of long-standing relationships with Central and Eastern European nationals.  For more than 14 years they have maintained these relationships. 

"We remain grateful for the trust the Loukas Foundation has placed in our organization, asn we praise God that the Gospel continues to flourish- connecting more hearts to the transforming power of God's Word," said Bob Martin of Bible League. 

Macedonia, whose estimated population in 2006 was just over two million, has only 2,500 people who call themselves Protestant Christians.  Racist incidents have been on the rise and terrorist violence has always been an issue. 

Most of the people who speak Macedonian live in Macedonia, Greece and Albania.   

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