Nearly 1,000 students face eviction from temporary residence

By November 3, 2009

Indonesia (MNN) — Nearly 1,000 Arastamar Bible school
students faced eviction last week on Oct. 27 from their temporary residence in
a West Jarkata mayor's office building, Voice of the Martyrs reported.

Since July 2008, staff and students of the Bible school had
to seek temporary shelters all around the city after Muslim extremists attacked
their school. Hundreds shouted "Allahu Akbar," meaning "God is greater," and
threw Molotov cocktails at the school's buildings. Then, as students ran out of
the burning buildings, the extremists attacked them with acid and machetes.

While living in their temporary residence, the High Court of
West Jarkata issued them an eviction notice. The day before it was to be served,
the local government turned off the electricity and water to their building.

This led to the student demonstrations in the

"That day … a thousand students were demonstrating outside
of the building and making [a barricade with their bodies] to prevent the
police troops, local government security troops, and High Court officials from
going into the building and destroying it," VOM said.

When police stepped in to evict the students, they blocked
the road, and riots ensued. VOM sources said the riots started when police threw
stones at the students, and the students retaliated with plastic chairs and more

"We were pulled in among the police; then they beat us. We
had said, 'Don't beat us!' but they didn't care," said one of the students
arrested by the police.

Since their plight began, VOM has offered support to these students, which included a visit from Tom White, VOM's Executive Director. He encouraged
them to continue to stay strong in their faith.

Pray for continued encouragement and
protection for these students.

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