Need is vast and increasing in Middle East, Bags of Blessing can help

By March 31, 2008

Middle East (MNN) — Terrorist bombings and fear are daily life for many in the Middle East.  Global Aid Network's contacts in the region say that the need is "vast and increasing" both for humanitarian aid and spiritual healing.

That's where GAiN's Bags of Blessing come in. They help open the door for evangelism while providing much-needed food. Every bag feeds a family of seven for a week. 

In the past, the bags have helped more than a half million people in other places. Right now, there is an open door in the Middle East, and GAiN has specific goals if they receive
the funding needed.

First, the goal is to distribute 38,000 Bags of Blessing which also include a copy of God's Word. That means potentially reaching 250,000 people who have been previously unreached with the Gospel. After that, GAiN expects to respond to 75,000 requests for a CD that shows the life of Christ which can be seen by as many as 10 people. They would also be handing out 15,000 more Bibles, as well as Bible story coloring books for children. 

Finally, there is a plan to start at least 16 follow-up groups which include 150 students and three new churches.

After decades of closed borders, these goals are possible. However, contacts on the
ground say that the Bags of Blessing are the key door-opener.

Each bag costs $39 and could help dozens of people hear the Gospel as the resources included are shared and discussed. Click here to help.  

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