Nepal flooding affects A3 training

By July 10, 2024

Nepal (MNN) — Monsoon rains inundate Nepal, triggering landslides and widespread flooding.

Nepal endures the rainy season every year, but this year’s deluge looks slightly different. Chitry* with A3 says, “The rain was delayed this year, and people are really struggling. Farmers were planting rice, but suddenly, heavy rain poured in Nepal.

“17 people already died, and I’m not sure how many will be [affected] because this is the beginning of the rain of this year.”

(Photo courtesy of Balendra Sah/Instagram)

A3 is training pastors and church leaders in Kathmandu this week, but “Some of them (pastors and leaders) may not be able to come to the session this time because roads are [washed out and there is] no transportation available right now.”

One pastor will be walking five hours to reach a nearby city, where he hopes to catch a bus to Kathmandu. If a bus is not available, he’ll have to walk five hours back home.

Ask the Lord to protect Christian leaders trying to attend the A3 training session.

“Please pray for those who are struggling because of the flood. Some of them lost their house; some houses were damaged. Their economic situation will be affected,” Chitry says.

Formerly known as Asian Access, A3 develops and empowers Christian leadership networks in strategic regions like South Asia. Learn more here.





Header and story images depict flooding in and near Kathmandu, Nepal. Photos courtesy of Balendra Sah.

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