Nepalese Christians standing strong amidst struggles

By February 27, 2017

Nepal (MNN) — India might have finally lifted a four-month-long border blockade against Nepal, but between earthquakes, protests, and a controversy surrounding their new constitution, the people of Nepal still have plenty of problems to deal with.

Joe Handley of Asian Access says the good news is the Church is making a huge impact on Nepalese communities. “The Church has reached out and loved on the community, provided relief and goods.”

Although “God is doing stunning work,” Handley says believers still have plenty left to do. In particular, communities are concerned about reaching lonely villages that pepper the mountain ranges, and about battling the atrocities of human trafficking.

Photo Courtesy Asian Access

(Photo courtesy of Asian Access)

“Traffickers are coming in and paying off families that can’t afford all their children and trafficking them into other countries,” says Handley. That’s why Asian Access establishes rescue homes where trafficking victims can get their feet back underneath them.

This is no new ministry, but the impact is still just as strong. Handley recently visited a home with “about 20 little girls from five-years-old to 20-years-old.” Of others, he says, “Some of the girls have now graduated, they’ve gotten jobs, and several of them, I think I heard that 20 of them, are now married and have their own families,” says Handley.

Across Nepal, believers are encountering unlikely allies who have been moved by seeing the love of Christ in action.

Handley said one local leader was at a loss after the earthquakes hit in 2015. “He didn’t know how to mobilize help and nobody was coming in to help him out.”

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Although this leader prevented outside Christian groups from bringing in aid, a few local Christians decided to roll up their sleeves and help with disaster relief.

“Several days later he came up to one of our friend’s disciples and he said, ‘You guys are the only ones that are here. You know what? I think I want to check out your Jesus.’”

Two weeks ago, Handley said he met with the man, who has now planted three new churches throughout the mountains within a year.

While Christians on the ground continue to work with the Nepalese communities, Handley encourages believers at home to consider praying and giving. “Nepal is still in a situation with desperate need, and yet, God is moving in a powerful way…. It is an amazing season to invest in that country.” If you’re interested in supporting this ministry, we can connect you right here.

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