Nepal’s peace accord isn’t all it’s chalked up to be.

By December 1, 2006

Nepal (MNN)–Nepal’s decade-long civil war came to an official end as the government and Maoist rebels signed a Comprehensive Peace Accord on November 21.

The Peace Accord brings an official end to the Hindu monarchy that has ruled this country in the Himalayan Mountains for much of its existence. It’s also closing a chapter on a decade-long civil war that claimed 13,000 lives.

Says one Gospel For Asia leader, “A new Nepal is the dream of all. As Christians and citizens of this nation, we want to truly spread the love and character of Christ to bless this nation.”

Gospel for Asia missionaries working in Nepal say the nationals are skeptical. Blatant violations and kidnappings have already marred the few days since the historic agreement was signed.

The lengthy civil war has taken a toll on GFA churches in Nepal. Christians are often caught in the crossfire between the government troops and the Maoist rebels.

There are several cases involving believers and church leaders who were physically assaulted, abused, and sometimes murdered.

In spite of the unrest, area pastors managed to establish 24 schools for the children whose schools had been shuttered because of the ongoing war. These new schools granted the pastors multiple opportunities to reach into difficult places to share the Gospel.

Through it all, many Nepalis have received hope through GFA Radio broadcasts. Hundreds of listeners are writing in to request Bibles and Gospel books after hearing the programs. Many others are coming to church as a result.

Continue to pray–the new Nepal still faces a long road of change ahead. One GFA leader in Nepal says, “Pray that this new Nepal may become a nation which honors Him, fulfilling His promises.”

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