New Christian legislator threatened by Muslim group

By May 25, 2009

Indonesia (MNN) — On April 23, after Dominikus Supriyanto won a seat in the district legislature in West Sumatra, his celebration was cut short when an Islamic group warned him to convert to Islam or lose his seat, Compass Direct News reports.

The group, which identified itself as the Islamic Forum of West Pasaman, attacked Supriyanto’s home by throwing stones, which broke several windows. Supriyanto was home at the time and heard them yell threats about becoming Muslim to stay in politics.

Going to the police, Supriyanto filed a report and asked for protection. After investigating, police believed the attackers acted on behalf of one of the election candidates who lost.

Supriyanto is part of the Indonesian Democratic Part of Struggle (PDI-P) in West Pasaman, West Sumatra, which is about 98 percent Muslim.

However, according to Compass Direct News, “Voters supported Supriyanto because of his rapport with the Muslim community.”

Despite these threats, Supriyanto has no intention of giving up his seat or changing his religion. He told Compass, “I was elected not just by Christians and Catholics, but by Muslims. I’m going to remain Catholic no matter what happens.”

Supriyanto asks for support from his fellow party members in Jakarta. Pray that Supriyanto will remain strong in his conviction, and through his stand, more Muslims will be open to the Gospel.

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