New doors open for ministry as Typhoon Lupit looms

By October 23, 2009

Philippines (MNN) — Typhoon
Lupit menaced the Philippines, threatening more flooding. Over 80-percent of
Metro Manila is already flooded with Typhoons Ketsana and Parma.

The good news is that this time,
they are ready. 
Roger Thomas with AMG International says their teams may be prepared, but they're also
overwhelmed.   "They're just trying
to turn the corner from relief to rehabilitation, and now they've got to go back to
relief. People
need long-term help to rebuild their houses, their livelihood, and churches and childcare centers need to be rebuilt," which includes 17 AMG
childcare centers–eight of which have been flooded. 

Some of the AMG centers are being
used as temporary shelters, where emergency food and clothing is needed

Thomas adds that while it's a
crisis, this has also opened new doors for the hope of Christ. Although the office headquarters of AMG
Philippines is in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Thomas notes that "this is an area where we don't have any
ministry at all; our teams went in, gave food packages to 400 families,
and coordinated that with the local church."

Compassionate response to
physical needs marks the path to outreach and discipleship. Thomas says, "Now we're going back to check
and say, 'Hey, how are you doing?' And
they'll ask, 'Why are you doing this for me? Why are you here?' And then we're
able to tell them."

AMG has sent emergency relief
funds to enable their staff to provide emergency food and care, and to help the
affected families recover. However, over
the last three months, that emergency fund has been depleted due to multiple
disasters in Asia. That means AMG is
only able to assist sponsored children and their families.

If you can help, they can go
beyond that to assist other families in the communities as well. Click here.


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