New generation raised to reach nations

By July 22, 2011

Brazil (MNN) — The latest evangelism trip with Sammy Tippit Ministries will be introducing some exciting new elements to their outreach event in Brazil from July 25-30.

On top of preaching in an evangelistic meeting and leading a pastor's conference, Sammy Tippit himself will include the training of younger evangelists and a discipleship seminar for students, something he hasn't done before.

When asked why they saw this need, Tippit says, "About a year ago, the Lord began to give me a vision of training and raising up younger evangelists. In many of these countries, God's doing a mighty work, and pastors and church leaders are being trained, which we've done. But there's not been any training inside those countries to raise up evangelists."

For the training of younger evangelists, the game plan is fairly simple but will hopefully have an eternal impact. Tippit explains, "We're going to go into Brazil…and we're bringing together seven young guys who have the gift of evangelism. I'm going to try to impart to them what I've learned over the last 40 years in evangelism — truths that will help them to reach their own people, their surrounding communities, and reach the nation for Christ."

With younger evangelists prepared to reach their own people with the Gospel, Tippit and his ministry team hope to multiply what they are already doing.

Simultaneous with the preaching and pastors' conference, Sammy Tippit's son will be leading a discipleship seminar for students. "The emphasis is not just reaching the masses, which we will be doing," states Tippit, "but we're looking at raising up a new generation."

Sammy Tippit Ministries has been involved in Brazil for the past 20 years. Tippit says that Brazil is emerging as a leading country in the world. With Brazil's strong influence, particularly in Latin American, strong Christian evangelists are needed there.

In clarification, the role of an evangelist is different than that of a church leader. While a church leader ministers to a flock, an evangelist goes into a group that does not understand or accept the Gospel. The communication is different as an evangelist is used by God to bring conviction and understanding of the Good News to the lost.

Being an evangelist is not without its challenges. Interestingly enough, Tippit does not consider finances or persecution to be the greatest challenge for evangelists. The greatest threat to the Gospel goes much deeper, beyond the skin.

Tippit says, "For the evangelist, there are some things that are specific to them that makes the challenge even more magnified…. When you get out there and begin to preach, and people respond and people are needy, it's real easy to become prideful. I think pride is the downfall of all of us."

In training the young evangelists, Tippit hopes to equip them to face this challenge. "We'll talk about accountability," assures Tippit. "We'll talk about protecting yourself in such a way that you have people around you who are real who will speak the truth in honesty to you…. It can become something where you can get off course real easily and begin to think more highly of yourself than you ought to."

As Tippit and his team leave this Saturday to minister the Gospel in Brazil and train up a new generation in Christ, please pray for safety. Pray also that many would be convicted and come to know Christ. Pray for those being trained under Sammy Tippit as they prepare to reach the nations for God's glory.

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