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By July 22, 2011

USA (MNN) — For many people, biking across a state sounds like a challenge. How about biking all around the country?

Five riders are on a mission to bike all the way around the border of the U.S. on an 8,840-mile journey to raise awareness and funds for those in other countries who have no clean drinking water — one mile for every 100,000 people who do not have clean water.

Members of The h2o Ride support the work and mission of Living Water International, hoping to raise over $175,000 — or $20 for every mile they bike.

"Hydration to others" is what's behind the acronym, h2o. While the riders are biking to raise awareness and funding for clean water, they are also stopping to share the Good News of the living Christ to anyone who will listen. In this way, they hope to bring spiritual water to the thirsty, as well as provide drinking water for those less fortunate.

The team left for their mission on June 20 from Austin, Texas. As of Wednesday, July 20, they reported from their current destination of Oakland in central California. They will continue on their border route until they return 8,840 miles later in Austin, Texas.

For team leader Abe Clark, this is not his first large endeavor in raising awareness for a cause. Earlier, he ran 2,960 miles across America by himself to raise money and awareness for people in other countries who need clean drinking water.

The h2o team recognizes that it is impossible to truly satisfy the whole person with just physical water, even clean water. In defining the mission on their Web site, h2o riders affirm, "Knowing God is the only thing that quenches our thirst and gives us eternal life. God's love is clean, life-giving water for our souls."

The combined passion of water for those dying of thirst and the message of the Gospel for those dying inside makes The h2o Ride one of purpose. By pushing their bodies to the test and gaining the attention of a watching world, the riders hope to put the focus on Christ and the calling we have to be a healing hand to the poor.

If you would like to donate to The h2o Ride and provide clean drinking water to those in need, you can go to their Web site by clicking here. Please pray for safety for the team as they continue on their route. Pray that many funds would be raised and that the name of Christ would be glorified as clean water is provided for the thirsty.

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