New Jesus Film targets Iraq with the Gospel

By March 9, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — Saddam Hussein has fallen and freedom is in clear view in Iraq. Under this new freedom, the people of Iraq are seeking to know the “God of the Christians” far more than ever before. They especially want to know if the claims about Jesus are true. They want to know who Jesus really is, if He indeed died and rose again.

Many Christian leaders and missionaries believe the “JESUS” Film Project is the most effective tool to reach them and to help answer their questions. This is true, even as radical elements seek to strike terror in the hearts of Iraqi citizens and coalition forces.

A new version of “JESUS” has just been release, the “Old Testament Version.” This adaptation contains a powerful seven-minute introduction and a new evangelistic close that will help Muslims to bridge the gap in their understanding. By linking Jesus to the Old Testament patriarchs and prophets, whom they revere, this version shows how Jesus fits into the scope of world history, His relationship to God and His position as creator of the world.

Because Muslims are so open right now, Christian leaders and film teams are asking for 100,000 videocassettes of “JESUS” in the Arabic language, and as quickly as possible. They believe that this moment in history is particularly strategic.

The cost of 100,000 copies is $750,000. This works out to $7.50 for each video. On average, in this part of the world, we have determined that a single video could be seen by 12 people.

There are 24 million people in Iraq, and well over 300 million more Muslim people in other countries of North Africa and the Middle East and many may be ready to respond to Christ if someone will point the way before the door closes.

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