New languages begin Bible translation this summer

By July 19, 2019

USA (MNN) – A summer campaign for Wycliffe Bible Translators is beginning Bible translation for six new languages.

This summer, Wycliffe USA is reaching three people groups with a focus on translating and spreading God’s Word. Pixie Christensen from Wycliffe USA says, “We have three languages in Indonesia, South Sudan, and one in Central Asia.” These people groups encompass 5 million people in three different areas of the world and Wycliffe USA aims to meet each of them with God’s Word in their language.

Summer Campaign

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA))

This year, Wycliffe USA is not only working on translating languages in Indonesia, South Sudan, and Central Asia, but also training local Christians and printing God’s Word.

Christensen says, “We’re actually printing an entire New Testament with Genesis, Exodus, Ruth, and Jonah in South Sudan.” The summer campaign is also working in Papa New Guinea and Southeast Asia to train and equip local Christians. This training makes translation easier when locals can help translate God’s Word into the language they use every day.

“Across the world, local people are taking up the task and leading the work, and we’re coming alongside them and providing training and other help… to give them all they need to do the work themselves,” Christensen says.

Currently, there are three languages beginning the process of training and translation in Papa New Guinea alone.

Spreading God’s Word

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

God’s Word transforms new believers when they are met with a copy of Scripture they can understand.

Christensen explains that one believer in South Sudan was given a copy of the Bible and began to understand scripture in a new way.

“This believer said, … ‘Now I begin to understand the word of God better. Now I can get the meaning of some of these scriptures very [clearly] and in a better way’,” Christensen says.

She adds, “That’s the whole reason why we’re doing what we do is that God’s word is open and accessible to all of these people now. And they do understand it because it comes in a language and format that they can access.”

If you want to get involved, donate to Wycliffe USA’s summer campaign. This year, all donor gifts are being matched for a limited time. You can also connect with Wycliffe USA and their campaign here. Finally, pray for the summer campaign this year to reach new people with the Gospel.

“Pray for those working on the translation work, that God will give them wisdom and give them good contacts with local believers,” Christensen says.



Header photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA.

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