New leadership comes to HCJB Global

By October 14, 2008

International (MNN) — "The world is flat." That's what is driving the vision for growth with new president of HCJB Global, Wayne Pederson.

Although he is currently vice president of Moody Broadcasting, he replaces David Johnson who stepped down in June after serving for seven years. Dr. James D. Allen has been serving as acting president.

No newcomer to media, Pederson says the global community is more broadly connected than ever before, equaled by unprecedented opportunity for the Gospel. "The new technologies coming with the internet and the social networking, like Facebook and YouTube, and the podcasting and streaming–we want to make sure that we're using the new media so we can reach the next generation with the Gospel. In order to do that, we not only need the new technology, we need young people that know how to use the new technology with the Gospel of Christ." 

He is the seventh person to serve as HCJB Global's president. Already familiar with the workings of the medical and media minstry, Pederson has been a member of the board of directors of HCJB Global for the last two-and-a-half years. He also has worked with the ministry to raise money for key projects, including the launch of its satellite ministry in Latin America and Russia.

Pederson takes the helm of the ministry November 1. The greatest challenge will likely be keeping the ministry focused, but challenge sharpens his enthusiasm. "We need to pray in this time of advanced technology that we're going to be effective and efficient in using the resources God has given us–the finances, the technology, the people, so that we'll be effective in getting the Gospel to as many people as possible."

"I have this passion to see people come to Jesus,"he says. "My focus has been on using media to accomplish that. However, as I grow older, God has sensitized my heart to the physical needs of people worldwide."

Noting the unique vehicle by which he can help answer those needs, Pederson says, "By combining HCJB Global Voice with HCJB Global Hands, we can demonstrate the love of Christ in very practical ways. That kind of caring opens the door for us to share the great spiritual truth that God cares not only for people's eternal salvation, but also for their welfare in this life."

Prior to his work with Moody Broadcasting, Pederson was executive director of Christian Music Broadcasters, president of the Mission America Coalition and president and chairman of the National Religious Broadcasters. From 1967 to 2002, he held various positions at Northwestern College, rising to the level of executive vice president for radio.


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