New partnerships encourage evangelism over Croatia, Bulgaria and Moldova.

By March 2, 2007

Prague (MNN) — Eastern Europe bears a dubious distinction among
missionaries.  Many call this area of the
world the 'graveyard for missionaries' because of the discouraging isolation
and the low existing percentage of evangelicals. 

Missiologist Ted Noble, former president of Greater Europe
Mission says, "It's the least evangelized and most Gospel-resistant
mega-population on earth."  He's
referencing Europe and the once-communistic countries in the Balkans: Albania, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia
and Montenegro and the province of Kosovo.

However, the believers that are there, while 0.01 percent of
the 34.6 million population, are excited about sharing the hope of Christ.  HCJB Global's Mike Dworak says, "We have
exciting partnerships that are starting within three different areas. Croatia, which
wants to develop into a regional Christian radio station. Moldova, which is the poorest country in Europe, and we're helping to start an FM radio station
there.  And, in Bulgaria, a studio to produce
Christian television and radio programs."

It's young believers asking for the training and help to
launch ministry among the youth throughout Eastern Europe.
 Dworak says, "We're seeing God
raise up some people who are passionate to reach a younger generation."  Already three well-educated and
well-respected younger couples have presented a vision to use the media for

Dworak says this opened new doors for their work.  "Our goal is to support their vision
through training, through technology through fundraising to help with funding.
I mean you can imagine going into a country that's less than one-percent
evangelical and trying to get resources to put a full-time Christian radio
station on the air." 

In Croatia,
a graduate of Moody Bible Institute in communications is applying for an FM
permit in Zagreb
and looking to HCJB Global Voice for assistance.  Dworak explains that the mission helped with
a recording studio to produce Christian music and record radio and television
programs in Bulgaria.
The team there wants to start a 24-hour-a-day Christian radio station and
network.  And a third couple has
committed to starting a Christian station in Cupcini, Moldova.

Why younger people? 
Dworak says, "These couples all have a deep passion and desire to
start radio stations that reach a younger audience — those who are most open
to Christ."  They're also looking at
new ministry in Serbia,
Kosovo and Albania.
Please pray. If you want more information or you want to help, click here. 

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