New podcast examines Asbury revival

By March 2, 2023

USA (MNN) — If you’re into podcasts, you might want to check out the new one from Ron Hutchcraft Ministries called Go M.A.D. with Doug and Brad.

As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. The wordplay is intentional here.

“When we walked out the front door to public school, [my dad] would yell, ‘Go mad today!’ Our neighbors thought maybe he was going insane, but actually, he was saying, ‘Go make a difference.’ That’s where the title comes from,” co-host Doug Hutchcraft says.

At Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, believers seek to rescue people who don’t know Christ by sharing the Gospel. They also mobilize the rescuers – Christians like you and me. “2 Corinthians 5:20 [says] we are Christ’s ambassadors. God is making His Gospel appeal through us,” Doug says.

The “Go M.A.D.” podcast is one of many mobilization tools. “This is about helping God’s people recognize that we are all [influencers],” Doug says.

“You’re making people around you feel something all the time. Maybe they feel more stressed out [or] ignored; you decide what effect you will have on people.”

Co-hosts and brothers Doug and Brad Hutchcraft also have special guests from time to time on “Go M.A.D.” Their dad and ministry founder, Ron Hutchcraft, discusses recent events at Asbury in the latest episode. Check it out here.

What’s happening at Asbury is demonstrating two things,” Ron says.

“One is that God’s people are hungry for something more. We believe in the right beliefs and do all the right things, but there’s this restlessness. Secondly, it shows that God has more He wants to give us.”

Notably, Ron adds that receiving something new requires letting go of whatever we tightly grip and presenting open hands to the Lord.

“A great work of God is not schedule-driven. It’s Spirit-driven. I think it’s time for a new openness.”

Listen to the entire conversation on the “Go M.A.D.” podcast. Pray for Doug, Brad, and the podcast team as they plan topic ideas, guest schedules, and production for the rest of the year.

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