New PTEE program provides “on-the-go” training

By August 4, 2023

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — The Holy Spirit is moving across the Arab world, with new people coming to faith in Jesus every day.

This trend highlights a growing need for biblical leadership development. However, getting theological training in the Middle East/North Africa region is challenging. Enter: Program for Theological Education by Extension, or PTEE.

“Not everybody can afford to go to seminary or access a seminary; some countries don’t have any,” a believer we’ll call Ben* says.

“[Sometimes,] they can’t take three years out to attend a seminary, even if there is one nearby.”

This m-learning graphic explains how Satan acts and contrasts it with what God does.
(Graphic, caption courtesy of PTEE)

PTEE makes theological training accessible. More about that here. The newest program provides education on the go through mobile- or m-learning.

“M-learning is for our discipleship level and certificate of ministry courses,” Ben says.

“We’re trying to break up the lessons into 15-minute chunks. If someone is waiting in line for something, they can whip out their phone and do the next part of the lesson. There are videos, interactive quizzes, and other things to keep the students engaged.”

PTEE needs your help to meet increasing demand. Support from believers like you allows the ministry to provide theological training at a minimal cost. Become a PTEE partner here.

“We see that this (m-learning) is going to be the future of PTEE,” Ben says.

“We’re trying to build a studio where we can create in-house content, videos, and audio material; please pray for the progress of that.”


*Name withheld for security purposes.



Header and story images courtesy of PTEE.