PTEE makes theological training accessible

By June 22, 2023

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) — When you hear “theological education,” what comes to mind? You might think of stuffy lecture halls, hours of bookwork, or prestigious seminaries.

Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) spearheads a new theological training approach. Ben* says, “‘M-learning’ is learning on the mobile phone, and it can’t be done in the same way as regular online learning courses.”

PTEE is known for its accredited live and online programs. Now, they’re trying to make quality training accessible to the average believer. “All of our courses are designed to help people lead others,” Ben says.

“That (leadership) might be in an official church capacity [or] there are also lots of other ways. You might lead in a small group; you might lead a friend one-on-one as you read the Bible with them.”

PTEE recently hired two new staff members to work on the m-learning program. The courses they’re developing are best suited for new believers. “These discipleship-level courses can be used to grow spiritually and in service,” Ben says.

“As somebody learns to trust the Lord, they express their love for Him by loving and serving others. We hope that discipleship courses will equip [believers] to do that right from the beginning.”

You can help Christians throughout the Middle East and North Africa become strong leaders. Connect with PTEE here to learn how.

“We have a goal of developing 20 m-learning courses overall,” Ben says.

“We are kind of pioneering this; our big hope is that our work will enable others in the region to put their theological education onto mobile devices as well.”


*Name withheld for security purposes.



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