New school building raises questions from community

By February 14, 2008

Guatemala (MNN) – Worldwide Christian Schools is pushing its
borders into Guatemala.

WCS' Steve Geurink met with a team of missionaries who had a
dream of starting a school to minister to the Quiche Indians, who are of Mayan
descent. They retired after starting the
school, but when they came back a decade later, the school was thriving. The first school operated out of Sunday
School rooms, next to a church.

Their mission: to educate men and women to be well-balanced
citizens contributing Biblical values to the social, economic and religious
life of the country.

Now called the Colegio Juan Wesley, the student body has
grown to 300 students. It became obvious
what the most critical need was: to find a way to accommodate the growth. Worldwide Christian Schools is sending both funds
and people to help build a new three-story facility. 

On Steve Geurink's recent trip there, the mayor personally
thanked them for their work. 
"Essentially, the school is now connecting with the local
government. This is a high profile project, and there are a lot of people that
are curious as to why we are developing this school and why this

Geurink says staff are ready with answers. "They testify that this is to introduce
the children to the Gospel, to an understanding of Jesus Christ that may follow
Him. The education is something they
feel is important to help that community, the Quiche Indians, have a better
life, so it's a combination of reasons when they answer." 

The goal for completion of the new building is
February 2009. The first floor has been
stuccoed, and the roof is on, but they still have plumbing and electrical
needs. Guerink says they're still in
need of construction teams and building funds. Click here if you can help.

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